Cy -HopeCypress, TX, United States Cy -HopeCypress, TX, United States Cy -HopeCypress, TX, United States

Nature Discovery Camp 2021

By Ready to Grow Gardens (other events)

3 Dates Through Jul 01, 2021

Nature Discovery Camp is for kids who love nature, outdoor adventures, and animals, and for parents who are looking for a fun summer experience that will keep their children active, engaged, and learning. At Nature Discovery Camp we enjoy exploration, hands-on experiments, arts and crafts, gardening, hiking, pond investigation, collecting nature treasure to observe in our group aquariums, and sketching in our camp journals. Our mission at Nature Discovery Camp is to foster a sense of awe and wonder as we encourage inquiry-based learning.

This summer we are excited to offer three exceptional weeks of summer camp each with a unique theme. Choose your favorite week or join us for all three! 

June 14 - June 17: The Arts and Nature! Campers will experience the arts as it relates to nature. Culinary art will be explored when our campers learn how to grow cucumbers in a home garden as well as harvest them to make a jar of fresh homemade pickles! Watercolor painting by the pond will turn white canvases into works of art. The art of music will be explored when campers turn recycled materials into unique rain sticks. 

June 21 - June 24: Experimenting in Nature! Campers will spend the week exploring nature through STEM-focused activities and experiments such as designing and building a raft to float in the pond, learning how to cook their own pizza in a solar oven, and using a microscope to study the tiny creatures living in the pond water. 

June 28 - July 1: Survivor Week! Campers will construct their own fort in the woods, learn to read a map and compass, go on scavenger hunts to find things they'll need to survive in the wilderness, and compete with each other in team relay races.

Meet the Expert! Each week our campers will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the community. * A local beekeeper, who is also a high school teacher and business owner *An environmental engineer *A reptile and bird handler *An artist *A local flower farmer 

Camp days and times: Monday - Thursday

8:30 am - 12 noon  4-year-olds 

8:30 am - 2:30 pm  5 -12 year-olds

Campers will be grouped (by grade completed) into small pods of no more than 15 kids each led by one Ready to Grow Gardens certified teacher, and one camp assistant.

Camp pods will be grouped as follows:


Kinder & 1st grade

2nd & 3rd grade

4th & 5th grade

Nature Discovery Camp is held on the beautiful grounds of Cy-Hope in Cypress, Texas. Here we have everything you'd ever want in a summer nature camp including a pond full of frogs, toads, and turtles, a wooded nature trail, and a wonderful log cabin lodge where we take breaks from the sun, enjoy crafts and storytime, and where the restrooms are located.

Our daily picnic lunch will be outside under the big shade trees and after lunch campers will enjoy water play and game time.

What should your camper bring to camp? A hat, bug spray and sunscreen, a refillable water bottle, and a sack lunch packed for a picnic.

*New this year! Nature Discovery Camp OPEN HOUSE on April 25th between 2 pm - 4 pm. (come and go). Join us to learn more about our camp, meet a few of our camp leaders, and experience the beautiful venue for yourself! Bring your kids with you to make a wildflower seed ball to take home!